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SmartHub includes a robust energy use analytics tool called My Usage. My Usage allows you to compare energy use over time and against weather data. Tracking your energy use like this lets you see if you're using more energy than usual and empowers you to make adjustments if necessary.

Some ways you can use My Usage:

  • Analyze and understand usage trends to find ways to cut back.
  • Create and track a monthly budget to avoid unexpected high utility bills.
  • Set a point or range in time to compare differences in usage.

Following are some key tools within My Usage.

My Usage daily graph
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Usage Explorer

Usage Explorer gives you a detailed look at your past and current usage, all in one place. View your usage and weather trends by month, or if available by day or hour.

Usage Comparison

My Usage comparison chart
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Usage Comparison lets you compare two bills worth of usage history side by side. View the differences between this month last year, or other combinations to see how your bill varies each month.

Average Usage

Average Usage shows you what your typical or average usage is for your selected time period. For example, see your average usage on each day of the week (such as Tuesdays), over the course of a year. Or see your typical usage in each hour of the day over the course of two weeks. Discover when you can save the most on your utility bill.


With the Usage Planning tool, create markers for a point in time to help you keep track of the differences in your usage. For example, set an energy marker to find out the change in your usage after installing a new water heater or upgrading an appliance.

It's easy to get started

Just login to SmartHub and click the My Usage tab to begin reviewing your usage patterns and discovering ways you may be able to heat, cool, light and live more energy efficiently.


Learn more about SmartHub

Learn more about SmartHub

PEC's new online and mobile account management system provides easy access to your account on the web or on the go.

Download registration tutorial

Registration Tutorial

Download step-by-step instructions to help you get logged into SmartHub.

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How-to: My Usage for iOS

Download step-by-step instructions for checking your electricity use on your Apple mobile device.

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How-to: My Usage for Android

Download step-by-step instructions for checking your electricity use on your Android mobile device.